Human beings are very sophisticated creatures. Only human beings increase in value on a daily basis. You can decide to be more valuable tomorrow than you are today. A person may be less valuable today but should never be underrated.

Knowledge of any sort is software that upgrades the abilities of human beings. What you can do is determined by what you know. You can become, do or have anything in life if you are hungry enough to pursue the knowledge that empowers you.

While it is true that many successful people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were school dropouts, that did not stop them from pursuing knowledge and improving themselves.

These people understand that if they want to get ahead in life, they need to consistently improve their knowledge and upgrade themselves and their skills, through reading.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a reader and a learner so he improved. Late at night he could be found reading by candlelight. He borrowed books from whoever he could. This was a habit that Lincoln carried with him the rest of his life. As President, Lincoln had the habit of waking up early in the morning to spend some quiet time reading alone reading the Bible.

Oprah Winfrey

On her website, Winfrey explained that books bring her joy and credits them to much of her success. “Books were my path to personal freedom,” .
Oprah said that she learned to read at age 3 and soon she discovered that there was a whole new world to conquer through reading. She even suggested children spend about 30 minutes on reading each day and make it a habit.

Richard Branson

Being the boss behind Virgin Group, billionaire Branson has a net worth of around $5 billion and he too is an avid reader just like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. In honor of World Book Day, Branson shared 65 books that he thinks that everyone could benefit from reading during their lifetime.

Branson said that he wakes up as early as 5am to kick start his day. He said that he would spend time reading, exercising, and spending time with his family. And this puts him in the right frame of mind to start his day productively.

Many other human of great impact and achievements never got tired in their pursuit of knowledge in their specific field of play.

You too can become a better version of yourself. Instead of submerging yourself in self-pity due to other peoples opinion about you, go to work on yourself. start learning, you will get better with time. 

Give books a chance

There is always a good reason for reading, and these successful people prove that you are never too busy to sit down with a good book.

You are missing out on several things if you have not started reading because it will enhance your imagination, train your focus and concentration, improve your memory, personal improvement, motivate you, development communication abilities, reduce stress and promote tranquility.

Reading, learning and improvement.