Why have we not applied most of the laws we were taught in physics (science) class meaningfully to our day to day lives? Could it be partly because most of the people who discovered these laws were themselves deep in academic and scientific worlds and therefore we respectfully quietly leave these laws in their science and engineering fields? But I don’t think these laws: gravity, flotation, incident and reflected rays and others are not more scientific than they are natural basic laws for humans.

Newton’s 1st law of motion: "A body remains in a state of rest or constant motion unless acted upon by an external force".

This law can perfectly apply to an author or any other field of endeavour. An author will continue to stare at his empty bookshelf until he decides that he’s had enough emptiness and then takes an action that breaks this state of inactiveness. The writer who wrote and published one book in ten years will have two books in twenty years and if he manages to remain alive doing the same thing, in the same way, will have his third book in thirty years unless he decides to do something different about his situation. 

I published and launched my first book in 2009. Some external forces acted upon me (complacency, disappointment at the sales rate, ignorance, the thought of total failure and other related factors) and placed me into peaceful rest, never to resurrect my writing career again. 

In 2019, I listened to Dr Myles Munroe on How to write your book and publish it. That started a new fire about writing in me. In 2020, I stumbled on Joanna Penn, then Tom Corson-Knowles and several others. These two persons were like the two great wings of an eagle that carried me out of my death bed (writing inactiveness). Once again I was acted upon by these external forces to break that state of author inactivity. 

In June 2020 I started a title, by November 2020, I had successfully self-published my book BEWARE OF FOOLS (Escaping the Web of Wrong Association) on Amazon in Kindle and print book formats. You may check out more about this book on this link: https://amzn.to/35SxUQD I concurrently did the same with my first book, SEASONAL DYNAMICS https://amzn.to/38WLUKV. A body indeed remains in a state of rest or constant motion unless acted upon by an external force indeed.

You might still be dreaming of writing your first book, actually writing at a very slow pace or might currently be headed for a certain direction now. For you to experience any kind of change at any of these stages as an author, you must be acted upon by an external force. This external force could come in the form of motivation by simply looking at the several books J. F. Penn or Tom Corson-Knowles have on display on their website. 

Motivation could also come to you through reading books that speak to authors, listening to podcasts on author careers, taking a course in authoring and several others. Knowledge: updated how-to-do information will also do you much good as an author. If you can write one complete book, then you can as well write 2, and 4, and then 8, 16, and even 20. You will keep writing until you are acted upon by an external force (self-doubt, fear of sudden success or a feeling of complacency).

I trust you will be encouraged by this post: OVERCOMING INERTIA to arise and do what you ought to do to become relevant in this life. Contact me and let me know what you are able to do after reading my post. Feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box.

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